Understanding the Value of Universal Analytics to the Recruitment Industry

Universal Analytics (UA) is Google’s new standard for analytics which moves away from web analytics to – well, universal analytics. In essence, it allows us to connect and measure users across the online and offline world. At the core of it, Universal Analytics requires new tracking codes. By replacing the ga.js JavaScript library with the […]

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25 years of the World Wide Web: A look back at popular job boards and recruitment websites

It was 25 years ago, when Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the concept of the Web while working at CERN. The Web has come a long way since then but have recruitment websites evolved as much? Have a look at some of the most popular job boards and recruitment websites as they once were. What was […]

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5 Questions to ask when creating a social media strategy

Social media usage has come a  long way in the last few years. However, a lot of companies still neglect to put a social media strategy in place. Especially for some SMEs, the phrase social media strategy might seem daunting (and expensive!) as it conjures images of trendy consulting agencies sitting you down in a […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Hootsuite

There’s a plethora of social media management tools available such as Buffer, Tweetdeck, IFTTT and Dlvr.it just to name a few. Everyone has their own favourite but for complete novices, here’s how you can get started with Hootsuite – probably the best free tool available today. Connect your accounts On the free version, you can […]

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Rule No. 4: Set up a Killer LinkedIn Profile – Updated Post

Linked profiles are quickly becoming the digital age’s answer to the traditional paper-based CV. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a dynamic online CV. Graduate recruiters are using LinkedIn to fill jobs and tech savvy job hunters have been using the site to network with other professionals in the field or to ‘follow’ companies they […]

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