Hello, it’s been a while…

I admit, I have been remiss the last few months. However, now that I am back, I plan to take the website on a slightly different direction. In the past, the articles have focused on social media (albeit with a sprinkling of psychology theory). Going forward, the articles will cover a much broader set of topics that include SEO and general website content management practices.

The goal has always been for the website to grow alongside my experiences. As such, I feel compelled to share the insights I gain while working as a webmaster for Badenoch & Clark here in Switzerland.


* Just to cover myself, my opinions and posts are entirely my own and as such, are in no way reflective of the opinion of my employers at Badenoch & Clark or Adecco.

About Maebellyne Ventura

Maebellyne Ventura is a digital marketing professional writing about social media practices. She is also a founder of the online start-up Clever Biscuit. Follow her on Twitter @Maebellyne
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