The day the Internet died: Google introduces Search+

Google recently announced that they will now begin to integrate search results with the content made available from Google+. What does this mean for search? In effect, the search engine will take into account and give prominence to the information available on Google+ and tailor search results according to that information. However the changes in […]

Adecco Norway: Be the Next CEO

Adecco is a world renowned professional staffing agency which supplies a great number of jobs within a variety of industries and sectors. Earlier this year, they faced a great challenge in Norway. Traditionally, the company has been associated with low profile jobs despite the fact that they also dealt with high-paying corporate ones. The challenge […]

How to set-up a Google+ brand page

Last week, Google+ plus started allowing business to create their own “Brand Pages” on the social network. This feature is one that is very similar to Facebook’s Fan pages. Since launching my internet start-up a few weeks ago, I decided to jump in and create a Google+ brand page. Currently I’ve also got a Facebook […]

Death and Social Media

With the widespread popularity of social networking sites around the world, it is now very common for individuals to maintain online profiles on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+. Facebook has recently introduced a new feature to enhance their users’ experience on the site by implementing a Timeline feature for […]

Facebook changes…yet again!

Over the last few months, Facebook has introduced subtle changes to the way users experience and interact on the social network. Here’s a rundown of the most recent changes that they have rolled out in the last 3 months. Fan Pages “Invite Friends” option Prior to the change, page admins could only suggest pages to […]