Do humans herd like virtual sheep?

Social media has become a key part of the purchase decision making process. Review sites and other feedback systems online provide consumers with a platform to discuss and rate products based on their experiences and consequently influence other people’s decisions. During a trip to Florence, I came across a small restaurant. Trattoria Marione was a […]

The Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has essentially been the businessman’s answer to Facebook. Latest figures show that there are a 100 million professionals on the networking site. So the question is, how do I use it to my advantage? I joined LinkedIn with the intent to network and make connections with people who may be instrumental in my education […]

Rule No. 3: Get a Twitter account

The easiest way to create an online presence is to use Twitter. So you got through the sign up form, chosen your name and filled in your profile…what now? Here’s a quick guide: 1. Start with a few tweets introducing you.

Why work in Social Media?

Forget the myth that social media managers are young internet whiz kids getting paid to do what normal people do in their spare time. They don’t just  spend their working hours on Facebook and Twitter passing the next viral video around. Here are some figures on why social media is a legitimate career venture for […]

Rule No. 1: Figure out what Social Media is about

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most over-used buzzwords since the recession brought on the ‘credit crunch’. But what is it? And why should someone aspire to work in this field? The most succinct definition states that: Social media relates to a group of internet based applications that build on the foundations of […]