Rule no. 10: Always keep an eye out for updates and new features

Within days of setting up the brand new social media pages for my new employer, LinkedIn and Twitter rolled out new updates for profiles. So what do the updates mean apart from more work for social media managers? LinkedIn The most recent update on LinkedIn focused on redesigning the company pages to give brands more […]

Adecco Norway: Be the Next CEO

Adecco is a world renowned professional staffing agency which supplies a great number of jobs within a variety of industries and sectors. Earlier this year, they faced a great challenge in Norway. Traditionally, the company has been associated with low profile jobs despite the fact that they also dealt with high-paying corporate ones. The challenge […]

Death and Social Media

With the widespread popularity of social networking sites around the world, it is now very common for individuals to maintain online profiles on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+. Facebook has recently introduced a new feature to enhance their users’ experience on the site by implementing a Timeline feature for […]

Rule No.8: Be open to new ideas

It is easy to get into a routine of just posting on Facebook and updating your Twitter account every so often and maintain the current level of engagement you have with your brand’s followers. However, an effective social media campaign is one that constantly finds ways to get people excited and keep them talking about […]

Rule no. 7: #Fail better

Social media is an emerging field in online communications and marketing. As such, there is a reasonably steep learning curve to overcome before your social media strategy becomes a success. There will be mistakes made along the way but the idea is that with every mistake made, you learn how to do things better. Personally, […]