Xing Vs. LinkedIn, who’s winning the battle for Switzerland?

Earlier this year, LinkedIn reached 200 million users worldwide, gaining traction in non-English speaking markets as the professional network of choice. Meanwhile in German-speaking Europe, Xing continues its growth clocking in at 12.5 million users globally. If you live in Switzerland, which network should you focus on? Current statistics show that Xing has 600’000+ users […]

Official Twitter Analytics launches…in stealth mode!

The official Twitter analytics dashboard is now publicly accessible to all users. Although surprisingly, this feature seems to have rolled out quietly and is not yet available direct from your timeline. You can log into the dashboard through The first thing you will notice is that the page looks exactly like the interface for Twitter […]

The Royal Wedding according to Google

On the day before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it’s possible to gauge interest in the happy couple around the world by dividing the number of Google searches for ‘royal wedding’ and related keywords by the total number of searches in that country. On a map it looks like this: Top ten countries: United […]

Why work in Social Media?

Forget the myth that social media managers are young internet whiz kids getting paid to do what normal people do in their spare time. They don’t just  spend their working hours on Facebook and Twitter passing the next viral video around. Here are some figures on why social media is a legitimate career venture for […]