Converting Facebook Profiles to Fan Pages: What you really need to know!

A friend recently launched a community page to kick-start his project. Along the way he hit a bit of a snag. Anyway, I though I’d publish a guide on how to successfully migrate from a personal Facebook profile to a robust fan page. THE BASICS: Why should I convert my profile to a Page? Since […]

Rule no. 9: Look Beyond Facebook and Twitter

In about four weeks I am moving to Zurich. As a result, I’ve been lurking in English expat forums trying to glean as much information as I can to help make the move easier. There is a lot of reading to be done on the forums as members volunteer opinions, answer questions, organise meet-ups and […]

Rule No.8: Be open to new ideas

It is easy to get into a routine of just posting on Facebook and updating your Twitter account every so often and maintain the current level of engagement you have with your brand’s followers. However, an effective social media campaign is one that constantly finds ways to get people excited and keep them talking about […]

Rule no. 7: #Fail better

Social media is an emerging field in online communications and marketing. As such, there is a reasonably steep learning curve to overcome before your social media strategy becomes a success. There will be mistakes made along the way but the idea is that with every mistake made, you learn how to do things better. Personally, […]

The quick and dirty guide to Facebook market research

Market research is the cornerstone of every successful marketing campaign, whether it is digital, social or offline. Here’s my quick and dirty guide to conducting your own market research on Facebook users. Step 1: