Colin Stokes talks about the changing definition of manhood and the danger that as a society, despite empowering young girls, we are not paying enough attention in empowering young boys with positive role models.

The main ideas is that through well crafted narratives and movies, maybe we can teach the sons of the world something other than a stock scenario where a boy fights villains and then gets to kiss a a quiet, meek girl. No, we cannot expect movies to become the primary source for positive role models. But maybe by opening them up at such a young age to a narrative that they can identify with more in the real world, they can embrace ideas such as cooperation, respect for women and that violence is not the only way to succeed.

The traditional society we were born into is changing. Men are not always the primary wage-earners and women are not always the primary caregivers. The gender roles as we know are being redefined so we need to prepare the next generation and help them form a new idea of manhood and womanhood.

As girls grow up to watch the Powerpuff Girls, Brave!, Katniss and Hermione, perhaps boys need more stories about men where they are shown cooperating with women, working with women and being friends with women. As girls are taught to believe in girl power and the strength of their own personalities and gifts, boys should be taught more than ever how to respect that strength and to not be intimidated by it.

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