LinkedIn has essentially been the businessman’s answer to Facebook. Latest figures show that there are a 100 million professionals on the networking site. So the question is, how do I use it to my advantage?

I joined LinkedIn with the intent to network and make connections with people who may be instrumental in my education and could possibly help me get a job later on. That was 10 weeks ago.

Through LinkedIn, I managed to get an internship by volunteering my services to coordinate EYP Dublin’s online engagement. This is a big step forward! Prior to landing the job, all I had was my website and my Klout score. But, through the power of LinkedIn, I can now add another experience to my CV.

So how did it happen?

The most important thing for me when using LinkedIn is not the number of connections I have. The crucial point was the number of groups I participated in. Participating in the discussions has really increased my traction online. By adding value to the conversation, people are more inclined to find and look at my profile.

37% of visits to my website are referrals from LinkedIn.

One day I stumbled on a discussion asking where EYP Dublin could find/advertise for a social media strategist. I simply answered the callout and volunteered my services. A few Skype calls, emails and Internet research by both parties and…Voila! What better way to start my social media career than with a job driving the online engagement and expansion for a young professionals’ networking organisation?

Lesson to learn: Be active on LinkedIn discussion boards.

*European Young Professionals (EYP) is a community dedicated to the social and professional exchange and development between young professionals in Dublin. As a part of EYP Global community, EYP’s membership continues to grow with over 10,000 as of June 2010 with chapters in London, Barcelona, Bangkok and Dublin.

EYP caters to professionals with interests ranging from business, art, music, community service or those transitioning between locations and jobs. EYP is building networks, relationships, professional affiliations and a community between professionals, the local marketplace, recruiters and the global world through activities, creative events and interactive tools. For more information, check us out on


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