The official Twitter analytics dashboard is now publicly accessible to all users. Although surprisingly, this feature seems to have rolled out quietly and is not yet available direct from your timeline.

Twitter Analytics

You can log into the dashboard through The first thing you will notice is that the page looks exactly like the interface for Twitter Ads. Indeed, the analytics dashboard is accessible from too and shows the same data.

From the analytics drop-down menu, you can access data for your tweets as well as followers. At the moment, the data available is quite thin in comparison to Facebook or LinkedIn Insights. You can get information on your follower and unfollower counts as well as number of mentions on. The summary report shows an overview of your Twitter history while  under “Timeline Activity” you can see more information relating to individual tweets, such as Favourites, RTs, Replies and the click count for any links shared. You can also use the “Best” and “Good” filters to isolate your well-performing tweets.

The timeline data can also be exported in CSV format although do not expect to see your follower/unfollower stats.

It’s fairly early days before you can rely on Twitter analytics for some data-driven decisions so don’t unsubscribe from any of your third-party tools  just yet. However at the very least, you should have a clearer idea of what kind of tweets are popular with your followers.

EDIT: Data on your followers/unfollowers will not be available until after you’ve launched a promoted account campaign.

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