From generic to genuine

The brand-led evolution of a tech start-up
Role: Chief Marketing Officer

The Challenge

How can Adia, a recruitment technology startup, use the brand to support its expansion from an SMB recruiting app to an end-to-end enterprise staffing solution?

Born in the gig economy, Adia developed an easy to use platform to deliver business critical staff with just one tap. The company incorporated good usability, machine learning and highly specialised human skills to guarantee new levels of quality, service and efficiency. Fuelled by its success, the company needed a strong vision to guide its expansion into a new market and to elevate the brand over and above the generic, transactional and margin-driven face of the competition. I needed to convince enterprise buyers why they, and their hiring managers, should trust Adia. 

The Insight

An analysis of the competitive landscape revealed that the “Just-in-time” staffing industry is viewed mostly as confusing and dominated by unproven startups. In elevating its brand, Adia could differentiate itself, build more credibility with enterprise customers, and increase purchase consideration while demystifying the technology.

The Solution

My team and I evolved the brand by refreshing the visual style and developing a unique tone of voice. We created a set of simple tools that included: imagery and photography guidelines, an accessible colour palette, typography as well as messaging guidelines. The visual and verbal elements enabled Adia to build a seamless experience across all touch points in four international markets. 

The brand purpose and beliefs were also strengthened for our teams worldwide to rally around. I set up for success by providing each market with training material on how to use the brand,  workshops about our new market positioning and an activation toolkit. 

The Execution

Using the brand as the jumping-off point, my team and I then developed a multitude of product and sales enablement artifacts including videos, whitepapers, case studies, one-pagers, pitch decks, etc. Each of the artifacts was developed based on specific solution narratives for key personas in each of our four international markets; and seeded in three languages at different stages of the buying journey across media, social, search, email, web and sales touchpoints.

The bottom line

108% increase in sales-ready leads

Adia faced the market with a distinct brand and clear value proposition, armed with a rich bank of content that supported its demand generation narrative and nurtured leads through the sales process.


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